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From: Doug Juola
Sunday 3:01 PM

Dear Friend,

The game of golf is said to be over 90% mental and yet most golfers spend 0% of their time learning and practicing the mental game.

Now you can play up to 40% better without having to touch a club!

Learn simple, yet effective techniques to become instantly relaxed, confident, and focused. These techniques are easy to learn and can be put into action immediately.

You may have heard that people only use 10% of their mind, learn to use ALL of your mind to help you play the best golf imaginable!

Read this book and take your golf game to an entirely new level.

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GolfNosis - Tee Time For Your Mind - Mental Techniques For Golf That Work!

GolfNosis follows the journey of four golfers of varying skill level as they discover the mental side of golf. On the way they find out the power of hypnosis and experience how hypnosis can help them lower their scores.

Their road begins at a two day charity golf tournament where they experience frustration and lack of consistency in their golf game during the first day of the tournament. That evening they attend a stage hypnosis show and get the opportunity to experience hypnosis first hand. The foursome are intrigued by the power of hypnosis and begin to realize that hypnosis could help them improve their golf game.

During the stage hypnosis show the volunteers are given suggestions to help them play better the next day of the tournament.

As the foursome play the last day of the tournament they incorporate the hypnotic suggestions and find how easy it is to play better.

After their improved play during the second day of the tournament the foursome are curious to learn more about how hypnosis can help their game and sign up for the upcoming GolfNosis seminar.

The foursome attend the Golfnosis seminar and learn about hypnosis and how it has helped other athletes. They learn about the conscious and subconscious minds by doing some fun and entertaining exercises. They learn 90 different techniques to help them lower their scores. These techniques are taken from a wide variety of disciplines from meditation and the martial arts to acupressure, NLP and hypnosis.

Only techniques which have been proven to work are shown. The four golfers use the mental techniques learned in the seminar out on the course and discover how easy it can be to improve their game.

They learn and get to experience the following techniques:

20 Relaxation Techniques
13 Self-Talk Techniques
18 Confidence Techniques
16 Focus Techniques
12 Visualization Techniques
11 Mental Rehearsal Techniques

90 Proven Mental Techniques in All

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Over the past 25 years there have been great advances in golf equipment, and golf training - and yet in the past 25 years the average score of golfers have stayed the same!
Because it doesn't matter if you have the most expensive driver in the world or have taken lessons from the very best teaching pros - what matters is what is going on in that space between your ears.

  • 20 Relaxation Techniques - Stress and tension can kill your game. Learn 20 different relaxation techniques, from thousand year old ways to relax to modern hypnotic techniques to release your tension.
  • 13 Techniques to Eliminate Negative Thoughts/Self Talk - Most of us are harder on ourselves than our meanest critic. Learn how to stop the negative mental chatter that can ruin your game.
  • 18 Techniques to Skyrocket Your Confidence - If you have too much confidence then skip to the next section otherwise learn how to have unstoppable confidence in yourself and your abilites.
This is the best book on the mental game of golf out there - get it, read it, practice it and win!

Dan Everly


  • 16 Focus Techniques - Are you easily distracted on the course? Not anymore after reading this chapter! Learn to have laser like concentration and focus on your target to the exlclusion of everything else. You might be surprised if I told you that Hypnosis has been defined as "Magnified Concentration" - now you can learn how to hypnotize yourself to zero in on your target and lower your score!
  • 12 Visualization Techniques - Many of my clients have complained that they just can't visualize - After reading this chapter - you will not only become a visualizing wizard but those visualizations will become so intense it will change your belief about reality.
  • 11 Mental Rehearsal Techniques - Learn the very best ways to mentally rehearse for an upcoming game - also learn how you can improve by failing.
After using just one GolfNosis relaxation technique I was able to beat my own course record by two strokes.

John Garnett


  • 90 Total techniques proven to lower scores - All of the techniques in GolfNosis - Tee Time For Your Mind - Mental Techniques For Golf That Work! have been proven to work. They are easy to apply and will produce the results you have always wanted.

You Will Discover:

· Which of the very best golfers of all time was hypnotized to improve his game at the age of ten?
· If you can write on a blackboard, you can hypnotize yourself!
· How stress can be a GOOD thing?
· Learn techniques that have relaxed people for over 3,000 years!
· Want to become 40% more relaxed? Take a drink of water!!
· Learn how you can hypnotize yourself instantly and play in the zone!
· Stressed out to the MAX? You just might be looking at the WRONG colors!
· Trigger your relaxation response automatically!
· Find out how hypnosis can maximize your concentration, easily and naturally!
· Does it bug you when people are chatting and you are ready to make an important swing? Use this technique and you will WANT them to talk louder!
· Press this spot on your arm and make your mind a focused machine!
· Look Up! Look Down! Look All Around! This remarkable technique strengthens neural pathways in your brain!
· Create a cocoon of concentration that NOTHING can enter!
· How to become confident even though you dont feel like it!
· How a successful business can translate to success of the golf course!
· Pose like this and become INSTANTLY confident!
· Feeling timid when you play with better players? This technique will bring out the lion in you!
· Worried about a future game? You wont anymore after you practice this simple technique!
· How one Vietnam POW played golf everyday while imprisoned for seven years!
· Doing mental rehearsal the WRONG way will result in a very bad day on the links!
· Your brain CANNOT tell the difference between something that you vividly imagine and REALITY!
· Replay your golf game before you fall asleep and play better in the morning!
· How to use a past success to trigger a win today!
· Never feel worried again about an upcoming match!
· Ever had a GREAT tee shot, approach shot, or amazing putt? Then you can easily REPEAT it again and again using this technique!

· Do you let other peoples comments get you down? Find out how easy it is to block out negativity before it can hurt you!
· Have you already hypnotized yourself to fail? Learn how to re-hypnotize yourself to win!
· Haunted by negative emotions from your past? Put them behind you for GOOD when you use this technique!
· This technique has been used successfully to eradicate irrational fears. It might be overkill, but now you can use this exact same method to obliterate any negativity!
· Unwanted comments coming from the peanut gallery of your mind? Pull the plug on them using this technique!
· Want to improve your golf game by over 40%? You can!
· Would practicing the mental side of the game for 1 minute a day be too much?

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Most books written by sports psychologists tell you what to think. "Just forget your bad shots and move on to the next shot which is the most important one". Great advice - but most of the time forgetting a bad shot is not as simple as trying to forget it. The main problem with that type of advice is you are talking to the wrong part of your mind - the intellectual/reasoning part of your mind - when in fact the part of your mind that is really running the show is your subconcious mind - Hypnosis accesses the subconcious part of your mind directly - and can actually blank those bad shots out of your mind instantly.

Learn how to hypnotize yourself and then learn simple hypnotic techniques which you can use discretely on the course. No one will know what you are doing - but they might ask you "what is your secret?" when they see you continue to win!

Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today!

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If after reading GolfNosis - Tee Time For Your Mind - Mental Techniques For Golf That Work! and actually applying the techniques - if you do not shave at least 4 strokes off of your game - I will refund every penny you spent!

Get This Book Now - Before Your Competition Does!

For the price of lunch - you can now invest in the most up to date techniques to improve your golf game.

You will be amazed at how easy it can be to play better golf when you know how to control your mind.

The only drawback is having to answer the same question over and over again from your buddies - "What happened to you? How come all of a sudden you are playing so good!"

Look at it this way -- $17.97 is really a painless drop in the bucket to be able to get your hands on GolfNosis - Tee Time For Your Mind - Mental Techniques For Golf That Work! and start using it right away to improve your game and your life!

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Who would have thought it could be so easy to play better golf, wish I had known about GolfNosis years ago.

Julie Torchetti


GolfNosis has made Golf fun again! Thanks for writing this book.

Erma Appleton


This is the only book you will need on the Mental Game of Golf!

If you were to read just one book on the mental game of golf - it would have to be GolfNosis - Tee Time For Your Mind - Mental Techniques For Golf That Work! - because this one book contains all of the mental techniques you will ever have to use to play better golf!

Don't you owe it to yourself to try GolfNosis - Tee Time For Your Mind - Mental Techniques For Golf That Work! today?

Doug Juola

P.S. Act now and get this book before your competition does!

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