GolfNosis - Rediscovering Relaxation - Audio Book
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GolfNosis - Rediscovering Relaxation - Audio Book
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GolfNosis - Rediscovering Relaxation - Audio Book
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NEW GolfNosis Audio Book/CD Available NOW!

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GolfNosis Could Determine the Future of Your Golf Game.

Rediscovering Relaxation Audio

Listen to this audio book and take your golf game to an entirely new level.


Unlock Your Hidden Potential - Learn the Mental Techniques the Pros Use to Win!


WARNING: If You Are Frustrated With Your Golf Game and Want to Improve - READ ON!


From: Doug Juola
Sunday 3:01 PM

Dear Friend,

The game of golf is said to be over 90% mental and yet most golfers spend 0% of their time learning and practicing the mental game.

Now you can play up to 40% better without having to touch a club!

Learn simple, yet effective techniques to become instantly relaxed, confident, and focused. These techniques are easy to learn and can be put into action immediately.

You may have heard that people only use 10% of their mind, learn to use ALL of your mind to help you play the best golf imaginable!

Read this book and take your golf game to an entirely new level.

GolfNosis - Tee Time For Your Mind - Mental Techniques For Golf That Work!

Rediscovering Relaxation Audio

Now in Audio Book, MP3 or CD Format

Contains 26 Relaxation Techniques drawn from a wide variety of disciplines.

Over the past 25 years there have been great advances in golf equipment, and golf training - and yet in the past 25 years the average score of golfers have stayed the same!
Because it doesn't matter if you have the most expensive driver in the world or have taken lessons from the very best teaching pros - what matters is what is going on in that space between your ears.

  • 26 Relaxation Techniques - Stress and tension can kill your game. Learn 26 different relaxation techniques, from thousand year old ways to relax to modern hypnotic techniques to release your tension.

About the book "GolfNosis - Tee Time For Your Mind - Mental Techniques For Golf That Work!"

This is the best book on the mental game of golf out there - get it, read it, practice it and win!

Dan Everly


  • Can Stress be a GOOD THING?- Some stress is good for you, the type of stress called EUSTRESS which is a mental state of heightened expecations to succeed. But like all stress YOU want to be the one in control of how it affects your performance in other words you want to get your butterflys to fly in formation!
  • Learn techniques which have relaxed people for thousands of years - Many of these relaxation techniques have been around for thousands of years - why - because they work!
  • Stressed out to the MAX - you just might be looking at the wrong COLORS - Thats right - colors effect your mental state - by simply looking at the right colors you can become more relaxed or more stressed - once you know what to look for.
After using just one GolfNosis relaxation technique I was able to beat my own course record by two strokes.

John Garnett


  • WWII Bomber Pilots used this technique to help them relax after their dangerous and grueling missions over Europe - Once you learn this easy technique you can adapt it to any situation on or off the golf course.

You Will Discover:

  • Can stress be a GOOD thing?
  • Learn techniques that have relaxed people for over 3,000 years!
  • Want to become 40% more relaxed? Take a drink of water!!
  • Stressed out to the MAX?  You just might be looking at the WRONG colors!
  • WWII bomber pilots used this technique to unwind, and now you can use it to get your game back on course!
  • Trigger your relaxation response automatically!
  • How Genghis Khan can make you calm!
  • Beware!! - What you eat and drink could cause you to lose the game!
  • The very best way to use 10 minutes to relax - it is not what you are thinking?
  • Are you relaxed right now? - Use this simple trick to find out.
  • The EYEs have it - what? The ability to relax your mind instantly!
  • Press here, press there - but not just anywhere when you want to relax.
  • Inhale, Exhale that's all there is to breathing right? WRONG this breathing technique will blow your stress away!
  • Listen, do you want to know a secret and de-stress at the same time?
  • Find out how eavesdropping can help you calm down.
  • All your cares and concerns are put into perspective when you get a Universal Viewpoint using this technique.
  • Get rid of tension in the body with the MRI (Mental Relaxation Instruction) Body Scan.
  • Get a heavy relaxed body using this technique - and not gain an ounce of weight.
  • Albert Einstein said "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions" - learn how you can use this insight to help you relax.
  • Did you know that by simply crossing your arms and legs in this specific manner cause your body to start the relaxation response?

Contains 26 simple yet extremely effective techniques to relax your mind and allow your body to
play golf like you have never played before.


GolfNosis Rediscovering Relaxation Audio

Sports psychologists tell you what to think. "Just forget your bad shots and move on to the next shot which is the most important one".

Great advice - but most of the time forgetting a bad shot is not as simple as trying to forget it. The main problem with that type of advice is you are talking to the wrong part of your mind - the intellectual/reasoning part of your mind - when in fact the part of your mind that is really running the show is your subconcious mind -the GolfNosis techniques help you to access the subconcious part of your mind directly - and can help you to relax your mind and body instantly.

Learn how to relax yourself by learning these simple techniques which you can use discretely on the course.

No one will know what you are doing - but they might ask you "what is your secret?" when they see you continue to win!

Get This Audio Now - Before Your Competition Does!

For the price of lunch - you can now invest in the most up to date techniques to improve your golf game.

You will be amazed at how easy it can be to play better golf when you know how to control your mind.

The only drawback is having to answer the same question over and over again from your buddies - "What happened to you? How come all of a sudden you are playing so good!"

Get your hands on the GolfNosis - Rediscovering Relaxation audio for only $27.97 and start listening and using it right away to improve your game and your life!

It's easy to get started right away. Just click the order link below.


Who would have thought it could be so easy to play better golf, wish I had known about GolfNosis years ago.

Julie Torchetti


GolfNosis has made Golf fun again! Thanks for writing this book.

Erma Appleton

About the book: "GolfNosis - Tee Time For Your Mind - Mental Techniques For Golf That Work!"

This is the only book you will need on the Mental Game of Golf!

If you were to read just one book on the mental game of golf - it would have to be GolfNosis - Tee Time For Your Mind - Mental Techniques For Golf That Work! - because this one book contains all of the mental techniques you will ever have to use to play better golf!

Don't you owe it to yourself to try GolfNosis - Tee Time For Your Mind - Mental Techniques For Golf That Work! today?

Doug Juola

P.S. Act now and get this audio before your competition does!

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26 simple yet extremely effective techniques to relax your mind and allow your body to play golf like you have never played before.  Audio Book format.
GolfNosis - Rediscovering Relaxation - Audio Book
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